The Chicago Gamers Republic (CGR) works closely with other Chicago based gamers and game developers including Chicago’s premiere experimental game development meetup, the CEGD. The CGR Network (Chicagogamersrepublic.net) was launched October 3, 2014.

The goal of the Chicago Gamers Republic is to be to live up to the ideals of fun, fair play and competition inspired by its predecessor the  CGU Meetup. As a nation of gamers, we are always looking for individuals that want to get together for some game launches, LAN parties, tournaments, gaming events and trivia. Fun, bragging rights, and prizes are all to be had! We encourage positivity, fair play, and competition. Griefers, cheaters, and cheezers, need not apply!

From Peggle to NBA Jam to Call of Duty…
From professional to core to casual…
There’s more to gaming than leveling up, we are united by gaming. Welcome to the Chicago Gamers Republic!

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Other Works

CGRi Incoming Video Series

In addition to events, the CGR Network produces the series, CGR Incoming. The short-format series previews recent gaming releases.  The series will air on CGR | Net and will be available on our DailyMotion Channel.