E3 News: Xbox Avatars Get A Massive Upgrade

Player avatars haven’t changed a lot since the days of Nintendo’s casual gaming Wii Console, but all that is about to change. Xbox Avatars will be getting a massive update this fall with tons of new features and customizations to allow gamers to show more of their unique style and personality in the online arena.

E3 News: Super Mario Odyssey

Gaming’s most famous plumber is back in a brand new adventure with Super Mario Odyssey. The new title for the Nintendo Switch sends Mario and a rescue mission with a twist; he must halt Bowser’s plan to marry Princess Peach! Super Mario Odyssey heads to the Nintendo Switch in October 2017.

Is Atari Back in the Game? The AtariBox Mystery

For gamers around the world perhaps no name has more historic weight than Atari. Years after the revolutionary Atari Lynx handheld and the 64-bit Jaguar, a mysterious video has appeared along with a website for a product known only as the Ataribox. Could Atari be heading back into the home console market with a system to challenge Microsoft and Sony? Is the Ataribox a handheld device that continues the revolutionary thinking of the Lynx with the power to muscle in on the territory carved out by the Nintendo Switch? For now gamers will have to wait to find out!

E3 News: Xbox One X Announced

There is a perhaps no busier time of the year for gaming news than E3. Last weeks E3 began with the announcement a mid-generation upgrade to the venerable Xbox One with the 4K ready, massively powerful, but a bit pricey, top-of-the-line Xbox One X. The new console, formerly known under the codename “Project Scorpio” will be available in time for Christmas 2017 and comes with a MSRP of $499. Under the hood, the Xbox One promises unrivaled performance with six teraflops of processing power and plenty of GDDR5 graphic memory to spare.